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Junior Toothpaste (Fruit Flavour)BENEFIT JUNIOR is the new oral care line for children: happy and colorful toothpaste with a fruit taste.  Benefit Junior toothpaste is enriched with vitamins (A,B,C) which helps to protect the milk teeth and to reinforce the permanent teeth. The contained dose o..
$30 $50
Total Protection tooth pasteBenefit Total Protection toothpaste, used in a correct dental care programme, helps to protect teeth from the formation of plaque, tooth decay and tartar.It contributes to keep the gums healthy and leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness.Its formula contains Fluorine that ..
$35 $45
Whitening tooth pasteBenefit whitening toothpaste, used in a correct dental care programme, removes the patina from teeth, helping to maintain their natural white, thanks to the particles of Perlite in its formula.It helps also to prevent the formation of tooth decay, plaque and tartar leaving a fee..
$35 $45
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