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Junior Toothpaste (Fruit Flavour)BENEFIT JUNIOR is the new oral care line for children: happy and colorful toothpaste with a fruit taste.  Benefit Junior toothpaste is enriched with vitamins (A,B,C) which helps to protect the milk teeth and to reinforce the permanent teeth. The contained dose o..
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MilMil - Delicate Baby Bath-Body & Hair 500mlThe delicate bath deeply cleanses body and hair without altering the normal balance. Phisiological pH. Daily use. Does not contain: SLES, SLS, parabens, dyes, alcohol, silicones. Clinically tested. Hypoallergenic, formulated to reduce the risk of alle..
$88 $118
MilMil - Kids Shampoo Apricot 500mlEnriched with Apricot, natural extract, helps to soften the hair leaving it soft and shiny. Its gentle formula is suitable for daily use leaving the hair clean and soft. Ideal for children delicate hair.Gently massage and rinse off with water. Repeat if necessary.5..
$78 $118
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