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FeaturesBerela - exclusive brand in Wolala, Spain3 in 1: slicer 0.5 x 4.5cm, dicer 1 x 1 cm, dicer 0.5 x 0.5 cm.Cleaner for easy cleansing, anti slip..
$150 $250
BERELA - exclusive brand of Wolala, Spain Five blades of stainless steel to chop the food of easy form, without effort Paddie whisk for mixing and whisking quicklyNew Double Spin BladeEasy, safe, convenient and practical change of acccessories BERELA, kitchen wisdom...
$93 $205
BERELA - exclusive brand of Wolala, Spain Olive green non-stick coatingNo oil need, easy to cleanStainless steel professional handleAluminium alloy base2 pieces set - 24cm and 28cm non-stick frying pansThe 5 keys of GREBLON COATING:1.      German Technology. That guarantees an ex..
$338 $798
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