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Refreshing Toner contains Mallow Extract with emollient and soothing properties. It completes the face cleansing removing impurities and residues of make-up. Its formula gives a pleasant refreshing and tonifying sensation. Alcohol-free. product expiry: July 2022200ml; imported from Italy. After clea..
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HYDRA BASIC Refreshing Cleansing Gel contains a mix of Minerals and the Vegetal Water of White Tea that gives to the skin a pleasant sensation of freshness and vitality. expire May 2022Suitable for all skin types. Morning and night apply to wet skin massaging. Rinse abundantly with lukewarm water.15..
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An handy Roll On applicator with 3 steel balls, provides a beneficial, relaxing massage on the eye that stimulates the microcirculation. A complex composed by purifying peptides of Soy, Rice and Yeast Proteins helps to reduce the appearance of bags and shadows, and helps to reinforce the connective ..
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CLINIANS HYDRA BASIC Delicate Creamy Soothing Cleanser cleanses delicately the face respecting the skin and leaving it clean, soft and velvety. It does not contain fragrance for a more delicate action.Use: Apply to wet face a small quantity of product massaging gently. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm..
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